Sunday, October 5, 2008

I am a marathoner!

I'll do a full race report later but here are some of the stats:

Gun time: 4:35:06
Chip time: 4:29:00
Result in entire field: 3483 out of 7488
Result in gender (male): 2253 out of 3587
Result in division (M4549): 287 out of 423


  1. Congratulations, dude! Way to go.

    That's a tremendous accomplishment. You've now done what a very small percentage of the population has done, or will ever do. And you beat Oprah too!

    I look forward to the report.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! You must be absolutely ecstatic about your accomplishment! Bring on that race report!

  3. WOOHOO!!!!! And right on your target time too!!!!!! Isn't it a GREAT feeling?! =)

  4. Congratulations! What a fantastic time! Can't wait to read the full report...