Thursday, September 11, 2008

To iPod or not to iPod

Most major races ban the use of electronic devices due to safety concerns. However, the Portland Marathon bills itself as "MP3 Player Friendly" and actually promotes the use of MP3's.

I use my iPod during almost all of my training runs but I have not used it during a race before. I'm undecided whether to plug-in during the marathon.

I do find that an up-tempo song provides a lift when I need it. On the other hand, I'm tempted to go without it so that I can fully take in the marathon experience. I enjoy listening to the support of the crowd, the variety of bands on the course, even the panting of fellow runners as I pass them ;-)

There are supposed to be over 72 entertainment groups on the course so I don't think there will be long stretches of nothingness. Then again, I don't think they'll all provide the energy that I get from listening to my hand-picked song list.

Right now, though, I'm leaning towards going without my iPod.


  1. I would say bring it with you and use it if you find you need a boost. It's not like it's heavy or anything.

    I used it in both my marathons and found I needed it at that time. I started running with people and my dog and stopped using the ipod. And since I haven't race with it, I find I don't need it anymore.

  2. Thanks Sonia.

    I think you're right, especially after my 20 miler today.

  3. I know that many runners don't respect the use of music, however, I find it can be a HUGE motivator - especially if you're feeling sluggish or just need boost. I usually bring mine along and turn it on and off throughout my runs and races depending on what I need at the time.