Monday, July 21, 2008

Don't do it!

My 79 year old mother isn't exactly a supporter of Nike's slogan, "Just do it."

She was pleased earlier this year when I told her I wasn't running the 10K Vancouver Sun Run. Then I told her that the reason I wasn't running the Sun Run was because I was running the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon a few weeks later.

"Ahou!", she scoffed. Roughly translated, that's Japanese for "fool".

Now, of course, she's equally against me running a marathon. I believe she thinks I'm going to drop dead as a result of attempting it. She doesn't comprehend any of the health benefits of running. So, when I told her I was running a marathon she predictably told me, "Don't do it."

Her genes are probably the cause of one of the reasons I run. I have high cholesterol just like she does. She takes medication to control her cholesterol levels. I'm not on medication and I'd like to avoid them. Exercise is supposed to increase the level of HDL (the "good" cholesterol) which should counteract the bad cholesterol. My doctor is surprised at my cholesterol levels given the amount of exercise I do and the reasonably healthy diet I follow. She attributes my cholesterol problem to hereditary causes.

So, despite the lack of support (to put it mildly) from my mother for my marathon quest, I plan to just do it.


  1. You have your large extended family of runners supporting you all the way! Just do it then do it again! Just keep doing it!

  2. Thanks.

    I am constantly inspired by the accomplishments of "my" running family; none of whom I have ever met.

  3. wooo I love the new header!! You gotta teach me how to do smth that nice!!

    Re-your mother. I am in the same situation. My mom tough is only 57 and thinks marathon running is totally insane... image when I told her I want to do an IM! She told me she was hoping I would do that when she was dead so she would not have to stand waiting for 15h for me to finish... yes thanks for the encouragments...

    We're lucky enough to connect around the world with other runners who share the same passion and definitely don't think we're crazy =) It's just another family as you said! Keep on running