Saturday, July 12, 2008

Week 6

I have completed week 6 of the 18 week Hal Higdon Novice 1 marathon training program. I am one third of the way there. This past week was a step-back week so it was pretty easy.

Next week is tougher. We're getting into the territory of "longest, evers". The long run is 12 miles. While this is short of the furthest I have ever run (13.1 miles for my half marathons), it will be the longest, time wise, that I will be out for a run (since I'm not running at race pace). I have some Powerbar gels that I'm going to try.

I also completed week 1 of the One Hundred Push Up Challenge. The last workout required sets of 15/13/10/10 and then as many as possible with 2 minute rest breaks between sets. I did 36 as the final set.

I also did week 1 of my hundred sit ups challenge. I did 42 sit ups as the final set for the Week 1/Day 3 work out.

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