Monday, August 11, 2008

All systems go

I had my heart stress test this morning after the chest pain incident a week ago. They hook you up to an ECG (electrocardiogram) and put you on a treadmill. You start out walking (on an incline) and then every few minutes they increase the speed. The technician told me that most patients don't last 10 minutes.

As you are walking/running they monitor the electrical activity of your heart to see if it changes as more stress is put on your body. Changes could be indications of partially blocked arteries. They also periodically take your blood pressure.

My test lasted 12 minutes. I didn't feel all that winded but I guess they had enough data. The results were good; very good. The doctor said that there was no abnormalities detected with my heart. She figured my chest pains were gastronomic.

The best part was that my wife was with me when the doctor said, "Go run your marathon."

That's it for now... I'm off to go for a run.


  1. WooHoo! Great!

    Glad to hear you got right back into it!

    Happy running!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! =)

    Very very happy to read this! You can resume training now and that little week off won't matter in the grand scheme of things!