Friday, August 15, 2008

Week 11: lessons learned

After the low mileage last week, I wasn't quite sure how to resume training this week. Would the break from long runs help or hurt my training? Do I resume the scheduled (really long) runs? I decided to jump back on plan and do the scheduled Week 11 runs of Hal Higdon's Novice 1 Training Schedule.

I felt fatigued, more so than usual after each run, and my ankle is a bit sore but otherwise things went well.

Today I ran further than I ever have: 16 miles. I learned that I still have some long run logistics to work on. I need to figure out how much to drink pre-run to be properly fueled and hydrated but not so much that I need to stop for a bathroom break half way into my run.

I also have to practice how to drink on the run so I don't gag and spit a mouthful of water onto the gym floor (I know, I know... yuck). Aside from that, refueling went well. I tried Gleukos as a sports drink since it's going to be served on course. It was fine although I'm not fond of the lemon flavour. I hope they have other flavours available. I probably could have taken another PowerBar Gel as well.

By the way, yes, I ran for almost 3 hours on a treadmill. That's a long time, even for a devoted treadmill runner like me, especially when my iPod battery died (note to self: make sure to charge the iPod before a long run). Luckily, the Olympics were on TV.

All in all, it was a good week and I'm glad to be back on track. I'm going to have to make the decision whether to register for the Portland Marathon in the next few days.


  1. I tought you were running Victoria... did I imagine that?? Portland marathon sounds nice!!

    Glad to see you back on the road, 16 miles is a long way! Wait till you get to the 20 miler!!

    Good job out there today, I think it's normal to stop for a pee break on a long run, during the race I've never stopped while I stopped often for my training runs. Something about adrenaline! lol

  2. I thought about Victoria as an option but I've always been targeting Portland. I get to run; my wife gets to shop ;-)

  3. As you increase your mileage now, after every run you will be able to say that's the farthest I have ever run! What a neat feeling!

    I have to echo Sonia's comment on peeing! I always do on training runs but for some reason, never have the urge during races. But once I cross the finish out!

    Keep up the good work!