Saturday, April 5, 2008

Canucks do it again

All they had to do was win against a non-playoff team missing its leading scorer, top defenseman and best goaltender. Edmonton was playing a mean-nothing game (for them) while our playoff lives were on the line. The Flames had lost to the Wild so with a win the Canucks' playoff hopes were back in their control. Instead, they fell short. Again.

The game was typical of the whole season. They lacked scoring and a killer instinct. C'mon, they had 18 minutes of powerplay time and they couldn't win. And, for a team built around defense, there were terrible breakdowns. And, the goaltending wasn't good enough when it had to be.

I've never been one to jump on and off the bandwagon and I won't jump off now but it's been a frustrating season. There's always next year. But, losing 6 of the last 7 with the playoffs on the line is a terrible way to end the season but, unfortunately, we've seen this before.

Changes will need to be made during the offseason. Trevor is probably done as a Canuck. So is Naslund. That's too bad because, at the right price, he can still contribute to this team. However, he now has too much baggage to come back. Nonis has his work cut out for him to re-shape the team but at least he now has some salary cap room to work with. Let's see what he can do.

I guess I can start cheering for the Flames in the playoffs. Nah, who am i kidding; I can't do that. I'm a Canucks fan.

Back to running...


  1. Well, who ARE you cheering for, then? Or are you waiting to see who makes it out of the first round?

  2. Actually, I am cheering for Flames. The Calgary comment was the result of a friendly rivalry I have with a Flames fan. The Saddledome looks great with the C of Red.

    I'm supporting the Canadiens and Penguins in the East.